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Breakfast Basket

A breakfast basket awaits you at reception,
for a healthy and nutritious breakfast without waiting and crowding.
You can enjoy it by the pool or at your balcony

 - Studios Kilindra

Breakfast Basket

the "Breakfast Basket", a basket full of pure, traditional products of mother earth, rich in smells, colors and tastes from every corner of the Greek territory, is expected to act as a "bridge" between Greek hospitality and the culinary wealth of our country, as a development "tool" between Greek tourism and accommodation with domestic production.
What's In The Breakfast Basket - Studios Kilindra

What's In The Breakfast Basket

Orange Juice
Two types of home made jam
Local genuine honey
Greek traditional sweer bread
Toast with cheese and bacon
Two boiled fresh eggs
Greek yogurt with sweet grape
Two fresh fruits
Coffee box (four green tea bags, Nescafe, espresso, Braun sugar, milk, cookies)

Meltemi - Studios Kilindra


all day out coffee, drink, breakfast, homemade sweets!!!

Meltemi, in the heart of the square by the windmills, the sweetest destination to start your day drinking the best coffee on the island, eat the most delicious omelette or try the wonderful pouches of Frosos!
In the afternoon, a hangout for the most delicious sweets with the most careful ingredients and in fact at prices as low as you can imagine! In the evening continue drinking cocktails with a view of the castle! All this in a clean, tasteful space with careful decoration!

The 'Barbarossa' tavern - Studios Kilindra

The 'Barbarossa' tavern

Our hotel does not serve meals. But you can eat or even order to your room from the excellent 'Barbarossa' tavern, who is beside us where Mrs. Barbara and Mr. Christos make miracles.

They do everything to satisfy every culinary desire of yours.
Beautiful front yard in the heart of the traditional settlement and excellent food. Greek domestic cooking and fresh fish. Very strict quality control on all materials, cleanliness and friendly service with a smile and courtesy. They will capture you.

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