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So close to the center and absolute peace because after a few meters our road ends in a dead end and there is no vehicular traffic.
Unique View ...Until our door - Studios Kilindra

Unique View ...Until our door

Hotel’s location is distinctive throughout the island and this is something we take pride in. Is situated in the edge of the cliff, beneath the castle’s entrance on the southwest side of the hill. Protected from the strong seasonal north winds, you can observe the rippling ocean by the sounds of the waves. The small beach ‘Magazaki’ is located right under the hotel and anticipates you. We are located very close to the center and an absolute serenity dominates due to the fact that there our road leads to a dead-end causing no vehicle traffic.

After reaching the square from the side in which the windmills are lying, you will notice that there is no access in it. Thus, on the left side of the road there are the windmills and on the right there is steep descent. Get off this street and immediately turn left where you meet a small hair salon (Nikitas). Continue and the road brings you in front of our door. There is a private parking of the hotel but at the peak of the tourist season you may not find a slot. However, our hotel staff will arrange for your convenience.

Things to do in Astypalaia

Major attractions
The Venetian castle, Panagia Portaitssa and Museum in Pera Gialos. These are three of the most significant attractions that you should visit not only for their content but also to sense the magic of the compound of the blue sky and the sea covered by the salty and cool breeze. In other respects, the list of attractions is large. Byzantine castles and monasteries, ancient graveyards, elaborate mosaic floors and dilapidated churches are the jewels of this blessed place of saffron, thyme and bees.
The exotic 'Koutsomitis'
Don't miss the day trip by boat to the Koutsomitis exotic beach witn the turquoise waters. For day trips by boat are Xondro, Ligno, Aghia Kyriaki, Koutsomitis and Kounoupes with beautiful beaches . Farther the Aderfi Syrna and Tria nisia. In the west the Ktenia islands Pontikoussa, Ofidoussa, Katsagreli and north the Fokionisia. As for those who fear snakes be aware that Astypalea is the only island in Greece that there are no snakes because it is over the migratory flyways of storks that... exterminate them.
Beautiful beaches
Many beautiful beaches invite you to explore. From where to start! Livadi (the beach village), Agios Konstantinos, Kaminakia and Vatses the lovely canteen, Steno, Plakes, the blue harbor, theMamounia and many others. Most of them accessible on foot or by car. Come to discover and enjoy.