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Visit to the Cave of 'Negro' at Vatses - Studios Kilindra

Visit to the Cave of 'Negro' at Vatses

The Cave of 'Negro' on Vatses is an interesting sight that you will discover on the island has impressive formations of stalactites and stalagmites and is interwoven with myths about pirates and their treasures stored there. From the beach you will need 45 minutes walking to get to the cave.Located towards the sea on your right on the edge of the beach Vatsa 150 meters high from the rocky side of the forehead (two caves) took its name from a Negro pirate who used it as a refuge to hide the treasures of the time the island was deserted by its inhabitants.

The feast of Panagia - Studios Kilindra

The feast of Panagia

At the church of Panagia Portaitissa - one of the most beautiful churches in Dedocanese at Chora, below the castle in Rodia position, one day before and at the same day of the Assumption, the whole island, there gathered into the courtyard of the church, inside and outside it.

Exhibitions at Windmills - Studios Kilindra

Exhibitions at Windmills

In Chora, at the main square you will find the eight traditional mills, in front of the cafe next to the monument to the fallen soldiers. The old windmills were reconstructed, illuminated and made available to the public as a small art galleries where young artists exhibit their works, library and information desk.